Touchgrind Scooter

iOS / Android - 2021 - Illusion Labs

Primary role: UI and UX designer.

After helping with the initial ingame art style research, I worked on the UI and UX for the project. For me, this included collaborating on the initial UX strategy and structure, defining the art style, creating prototypes for testing, designing mockups, animation sketches and collaborating on the final javascript implementation.

Touchgrind BMX2

iOS / Android - 2018 - Illusion Labs

Primary role: 3D artist, UI / UX designer (2023 update).

I joined the team in 2017, creating bikes and decorating levels. In the big 2023 update of the game, I worked on the UI design, rethinking the user flow and experience better suited for a live service game.

Way of the Turtle

iOS / macOS / tvOS (Apple Arcade) - 2019 - Illusion Labs

Primary role: 3D environments and concept art, UI design (2021 update).

I took part in creating the first concept of the game that was pitched to Apple and signed by Apple arcade. I then mainly worked on the environments, creating concept art, 3D assets, and decorating the levels. For the 2021 update of the game I also worked on updates to the UI.

Bacon Escape 2

iOS / Android - 2018 - Illusion Labs

Primary role: 3D artist.

I created vehicles for the player to ride, tiles for the procedural background system and other 3D assets.